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Banner Years: Chronicling Murray State Basketball

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Jeff Martin is the all-time scoring leader among Kentucky Division 1 college basketball players. Coming out of Cross County High School in Cherry Valley, Ark.,  in 1985, Martin had just one NCAA D1 basketball scholarship offer, Murray State University. Can you name the MSU assistant coach who drove to Cherry Valley and saw Martin shooting baskets around prom time and returned a few days later with head coach Steve Newton to sign Martin to a grant-in-aid?

Mike Strickland had the Midas touch when it came to selecting MSU head basketball coaches, first choosing Scott Edgar in 1991 and then Mark Gottfried in 1995 (the Racers won three OVC titles with each as their coach). In hiring Gottfried, who was an assistant at UCLA, Strickland passed on current UNC-Wilmington coach Buzz Peterson, who was then a Vanderbilt assistant and had college roommate Michael Jordan as a strong advocate. Do you know the names of two other rising college assistant coaches who made overtures for the MSU position? Hint: One became the head coach at the University of Tennessee and another is now the head coach at Indiana University.

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