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From the Rafters of Rupp - The Book

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High among the upper rafters of Rupp Arena hang the jerseys of forty-two players from the University of Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team. These jerseys represent the select few players, coaches, and broadcasters who deserve special recognition for their outstanding contributions to the Kentucky basketball program.

Beginning in 2017, UK Wildcat legend (and distinguished Rafters’ member) Kyle Macy hosted “From the Rafters of Rupp”, a series of video interviews with many of these players of yesteryear. This special series of interviews has now been packaged in an all-new, full-color “coffee-table” book containing firsthand accounts of what it was like to play for UK in the players’ own words, complete with vintage photographs. The book includes first-person interviews with the following distinguished members –

Cliff Hagan (1950-54)
Frank Ramsey (1950-54)
Billy Evans (1952-55)
Vernon Hatton (1956-58)
Johnny Cox (1956-59)
Cotton Nash (1962-64)
Louie Dampier (1963-67)
Dan Issel (1967-70)
Kevin Grevey (1971-75)
Jack Givens (1975-78)
Rick Robey (1975-78)
Sam Bowie (1980-84)
Kenny Walker (1982-86)
Richie Farmer (1989-92)
Deron Feldhaus (1989-92)
John Pelphrey (1989-92)
Sean Woods (1989-92)
Tony Delk (1992-96)
Joe B. Hall (1972-85)
Kyle Macy (1977-80)

This is the perfect gift for UK men’s basketball fans of all ages. Through this book, veteran fans will not only reflect on the storied history of the Wildcats in action, but they will also be able to share the pageantry and passion of this great program. Reserve your copies today!

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